These are all lingerie that I’ve purchased from Bravissimo and I just want to keep crying about how amazing their bras are, worth every pound I’ve spent.

That have all sorts of sizes (up to L cups and 40 backs, I think) in gorgeous prints and patterns. There’s one near the Costa by Sidney Street in Cambridge, and every time I have the chance, I always go to their fitting rooms, because they’ll give you a whole bunch of different things to try on to make sure you get the perfect fit in every bra you choose. I really cannot recommend their fitting rooms enough - I own a few Freya bras, and I alternate between a FF and G cup size, depending on the style (e.g. balconette v plunge). I’ve started to slowly collect the matching undies too (gets pricier as you can imagine).

Since the ladies there also own their bras and constantly help boobed people tuck up or hook in, they are always pumped about the styles you should get and etc etc


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